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About Me

I am a Ukraine-based genealogist, with nearly 10 years of experience, specializing in full-service multilingual research in Greater Ukraine and parts of the former Pale of Settlement.

I work with clients in Ukraine, the U.S. and worldwide. Some are looking for specific ancestors, others want help filling out an ancestral line, finding evidence of family lore or solving a mystery.

How can I help find your Ukrainian ancestors?



ukraininan genealogy
family search in Ukraine
Ukrainian archives
jewish genealogy

Languages. English, Ukrainian, and Russian fluency. Intermediate German and Polish

Writing systems. Advanced ability to decipher the obsolete script of the Russian Empire

Archives. Proficient with regionally relevant commercial, government and private holdings

Specialty Archives. Experienced user of the "Єврейські містечка" (Jewish towns or Shtetlach) archives



translation of the document from Russian and Ukrainian
family search in Ukraine
Ancestor Searches
search for biological parents
Special Projects
family tree design, genograms, eco-maps
Family Trees

Find your ancestors

I'll help you find Ukrainian ancestors, relatives, biological parents, translate old documents, and design a family tree.

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