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ukrainian genealogy

Available Services


If your roots are from Ukraine or you lived there for some time, I will help you find your ancestors, relatives, unknown family members, documents, occupation, and other interesting facts. 


If your ancestor or relative fought during the First or Second World War on the side of the Russian Empire or the USSR, I will find information about their battlefield, wounds, awards, and more.


If you have old documents in Russian or Ukrainian, I will translate them. These can be letters, photographs, birth, marriage, death certificates, diaries, passports, etc.

Old maps

If you know the town or village where your ancestors lived, I will find old maps for you. You will see what your ancestors' place of residence looked like in the past centuries.

Family tree

If you already know many of your ancestors, I will make a printable family tree poster that you can give to your family or use at a family reunion.

DNA & Biological parents

If you were born in Ukraine or Russia and adopted, I can help you find your biological parents or your relatives if your biological parents are deceased. DNA consultations


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