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ukranian genealogy and family history


I'm a native of Kharkiv, Ukraine, and I'm fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian. I'm also proficient in English and have an intermediate mastery of German and Polish, with an eye toward fluency.

I was always interested in history, so my interest in genealogy was a natural extension of that. In 2015, I first visited the State Archives of Kharkiv, and began tracing my heritage through tens of thousands of “Metric Books” ("Метрична книга”), the bound collections of vital and other records recorded by local religious authorities throughout the history of the Russian Empire. Over time, my family tree grew! It currently consists of more than 10 thousand people, and thanks to DNA genealogy,I have recently tracked relatives as far afield as Spain.


In 2016, I graduated from Kharkiv National University with a degree in Computer Science. Following graduation, I stayed on as a Senior Laboratory Assistant at the University's Department of Theory and Practice of English Translation in 2017.

In 2018, I started working as a professional genealogy consultant and, in 2019, I joined the international marketplace platform Fiverr (alexbelous926). Within a few years I achieved top 10 status in my field. Since then, I have repeatedly visited the State Archives of Kharkiv and sent hundreds of requests to regional archives across Ukraine.


Along the way, I also discovered the biological families of two adopted children, and I have helped connect hundreds of people to their roots. 

ukraininan genealogy

Map of Europe, ca. 814.

family search in Ukraine

Map of modern Ukraine, with major cities labeled.



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